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Semi precious princess

Spells for the mind

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Welcome to the world of sacred self-care to help you restore serenity to your life. Discover easy-to-do spells and rituals, as well as helpful hints to deal with stress, anxiety, and worry.


You will discover and delight in...


Crystals to ground, balance, and create a flow of ease and positive energy.

Stress-busting essential oils and aromatherapyto boost your immunity and mood.

The deep healing benefits of herbal brews, tinctures, and tonics

.Witch-crafting for calm with Kitchen Cupboard Incense, Enchanted Amulets, an an Amethyst Circle-of-Protection Ring.

Sweet dreams charms, potions, and spells for a good night's sleep.

The mental magic of meditation for relaxation and letting go to find greater clarity and peace.

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