• Our ethicality

    We have worked incredibly hard to make sure our crystals are ethically sourced. We hand pick your crystals choosing the most unique specimens. Being able to trace each one. This was so important for us as we want to make sure everyone involved is treated fairly and paid accurately. The only crystals that we dont hand pick are our carvings they are ordered in but are also ethically sourced. Please message us for more info if needed

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  • Our hidden eclipse

    Our website is everything alternative and we are so proud of our stock BUT we wanted a hidden escape where you could view some of our favourite non alternative items too.

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Disclaimer 🖤

any spiritial, magical , divination or ritual accessories/items are used under the guidelines for "entertainment". Please use them responsibly and safely . Semi precious princess are not responsible for any actions/ results/ legalities from the above. Our items should not be used as a substitute for any legal/financial/ medical or any professional advice. Instead, we would like to encourage you to seek advice from appropriate chanels. Please make sure every care is taken when entering/ continuing your spiritual journey and we wish you every success 🖤

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  • Meet the owner 🖤

    hey guys! Im chelsea mum of 4 and wife to my soulmate josh. I am a intuition based norse pagan witch ( what a mouthfull) as well as the above im also carer to my son who has severe additional needs. I also have a brain condition that leaves me with extra pressure which causes a range of different symptoms. Those being the main reason semi precious princess was born. I have to care for my son around the clock so as well as my disability i couldn' t work your typical 9-5. I wanted to do something that i was passionate about but that also supported mental and physcial health. My spiritual journey started from birth pretty much i was brought up around crystals, mediumship & spirituality. My amazing dad owns his own businiess and offers holistic therapies like reiki so its def in our blood. My dad also showed me that anything was possible and i could achieve the world if i wanted to. My mum would have crystals around the home ( and still does today) she is also my best friend and one of the most supportive people i know always cheering me from the sidelines. You will see when you watch our lives that my children also have a huge love for crystals claiming half of the stock as thier own ( they also come with me to pick them). My husband and i adore things supernatural & paranormal you will always find us watching ghost adventures and doing our own divination. He is also a huge part of spp and supports me every step of the way. Reminding me of my worth and always pushing me to meet my dreams. We are family run & family orientated our turaround time reflects this. We arent a huge coparate business we are just a family who want to have one of those ureika momens and explode into something spectacular 😉 if you have made it this far thank you so much for clicking the website link and supporting our future we adore you ! Remmber you are enough, you are strong & most importantly you are a BADASS